Personal Fundraising Pages
Now YOU can fundraise for Camp del Corazon!

It’s simple! You can create your very own personal fundraising page on Firstgiving and send the link to your friends, co-workers and family and have them donate to Camp del Corazon in your name. You can write whatever you want on your page, just tell them why Camp means so much to you. You can also view other volunteers’ fundraising pages and donate to them if you wish (see below).



You can also have people donate in honor of your birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary. Don’t need another year of Holiday presents? Have your friends and family donate to Camp del Corazon instead through your Firstgiving page!


If you need assistance in setting up a page, please contact us at You can also view our other volunteer fundraisers’ pages for ideas (see below).

To see a list of current fundraisers please click HERE. Each page is attached with its own personal story and goals for camp. Please check each of them out and help our friends help camp!


Plan your own event!
-Have a bake sale
-Plan a bowling tournament
-Plan a poker tournament


You can contact our office with any questions, or for materials. More information coming soon including downloadable guidelines on holding events that benefit CdC.