Thank you for your interest in Camp del Corazon's new PACE (Progressive Adult Cardiac Experience) Program! The PACE program is designed for young adults up to the age of 25 who are looking ....

  • To create a support network with friends who face similar challenges in their daily lives. 
  • To build leadership skills that will help you make better life choices 
  • to enjoy fun and challenging new experiences! 



The PACE vision is to build a CHD community for young adults, a lasting support network. We address challenges that come from transitioning from a teenager to young adult with CHD. We hope to have fun as a group while upholding the values of maturity and independence. 


Do I qualify? 

PACE Applicants must be individuals with CHD between the ages of 18 and 25. That's it. 

Click HERE to read our retreat flier and determine if the PACE retreat is right for you.


What is the program?


Memorial Day Weekend 2018 - Annual PACE Retreat 


Three days and two nights of games, workshops, networking, and free time to learn, grow and explore with the young adult CHD community. Retreat is held at Camp Max Straus in Glendale, CA. This retreat is an oppotunity away from the stress of life and our routine, to come together to heal, laugh and share our knowledge and resources. 



Applications will open January 16


Email to learn more.